Government and Professional Certification

Providing the technology and expertise to deliver success in high stakes, high volume assessment programmes

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Trusted technology

We are the testing technology provider for the UK Government’s eAssessment framework, including the Standards and Testing Agency’s teacher training exams and the Life in the UK tests for British Citizenship.

Simple pay-per-use model

Our end-to-end solution is based on a commercial model that allows organisations to mitigate upfront risks and manage costs in line with the programme’s performance. We remove the test development and setup fees, and instead provide a cost-effective solution based on an all-inclusive, cost-per-use charge.

Delivery innovation

We have one of the most established browser based testing platforms on the planet, capable of high stakes delivery. Combined with innovative new delivery modes such as remote proctoring and virtual test centres, we’re able to maximise your deployment options and eliminate access barriers for candidates.

Powerful item banking

Our extensive item banking capabilities enable you to optimise the value in your assessment content. Clear structures, rich metadata and sophisticated test creation simplify the workflow from item bank to delivered test and shorten deployment timelines.

Comprehensive item types

Having the right item type to match the question content is key for test effectiveness and candidate experience. Our comprehensive range of item types include text-based, graphical and rich media as well as in-application and specialist formats such as grammar, confidence tracking and visual perception.