IT Certification

Setting the global standard for performance based IT skills assessment

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Building on over 20 years' experience in the sector with customers ranked amongst the world’s leading IT certification bodies, we have consistently led the field in developing new and innovative IT skills assessment technology.

Sector focus

For example, we are the pre-eminent provider of courseware, diagnostics and certification testing for the internationally recognised European and International Computer Driving Licence, with an exclusive position in some of the programme’s largest markets.

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Performance based testing (in-application)

As a leading proponent of performance based testing, we fully understand how to exploit technology to assess skills through tasks that are meaningful, challenging and engaging for your candidates.

In-application testing

Our in-application item type enables us to set tasks for a candidate to complete within the live application. By focussing on outcomes rather than closely prescribed process steps, we can achieve a much truer assessment of a candidate’s skills.

Vast content library

Our library comprises over 40,000 items and over 1,000 hours of learning content covering a broad range of IT subjects. This reduces, or eliminates entirely, item creation costs and cuts time to market for new certification programmes.