Platform as a Service (PaaS)

An unrivalled toolset for self-service test delivery

The Platform as a Service concept

As well as providing the infrastructure that underpins some of the world’s more extensive and high profile testing programmes, our ATLAS Cloud platform is available as a Platform as a Service offering that has been proven across professional certification, licence to practise, education and language testing.

If you have the subject matter expertise, content creation skills and test development capabilities on hand, then ATLAS Cloud give you a single, white-label solution covering the whole test development and delivery lifecycle. All this delivered within a multi-tenanted environment that allows for rapid deployment with simple localisation to individual market needs including, of course, delivery language.

Item banking/authoring

Our comprehensive item banking capability provides a single, structured and secure repository for all you test content, giving you efficient management of items across multiple tests, curricula and certification programmes.

With support for a rich catalogue of item types, all of which can be authored within ATLAS Cloud or imported from existing item data, you will have the support you need for existing items and the potential to add more sophisticated item types in future.

Test creation

As with item banking, test creation within ATLAS Cloud gives you access to an extensive range of test models that meet the needs of both event-based and continuous testing. With support for many common item selection models, including fixed item lists, randomised selection, Linear on the fly (LoFT) and multi-stage adaptive you will be able to configure tests precisely to your requirements.

In addition, role-based access for users means the you can expose precisely the level of functionality to meet your needs, whether that’s for your own or third party test developers and psychometricians, instructors wishing to use the system for Exam preparation or even candidates.

Test delivery

ATLAS Cloud’s intelligent test delivery offer the kind of granular control over runtime parameters that you need to fine-tune your candidate’s test experience. Options such as test durations (including the ability to extend tests to accommodate specific candidate needs), pause/re-take controls, navigation options and feedback are all easily configured on a test by test basis.

And thanks to our multi-modal delivery model, it also gives you access to the widest possible range of options from ultra-high to low stakes, including invigilated, remote invigilated and self-administered assessment.

Most importantly, being an entirely browser-based delivery platform, there are no client installs or complex configurations to manage for invigilators, instructors or candidates.

Test taking

ATLAS Cloud has been continually refined over the years, based upon the experience of millions of test takers, to offer candidates the simplest, most intuitive and engaging test experience, from login to results page.

With a comprehensive set of media enhancements and other support features to accommodate individual accessibility issues, you can be sure of reaching the highest proportion of your target audience and giving them all a consistent and fair test experience.

Test results

Both automated and manual marking options can be configured, and in the case of automated marking schemes, results are available immediately upon test completion.

How these are communicated to candidates and other stake-holders is entirely flexible with a range of responses from withholding all score and outcome data to detailed item by item performance review and even a full personalised diagnostic learning plan with gap analysis.

Management information

Extensive reporting and analysis provides a rich source of management information for use by all stakeholders, whether through ATLAS Cloud’s own catalogue of standard reports, through its custom reporting engine or shared with your existing systems through its API suite.


ATLAS Cloud comes with a powerful API suite to manage the secure flow of data from one system to another, even when they have different data formats or interface standards.

This combines the convenience of retaining your existing systems with the benefits that come from having a secure test delivery platform that delivers maximum flexibility, usability and test integrity.

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